Sourcing Firearms and Transfers

We buy and sell firearms at Two Rock Guns. We also prove a unique service, Sourcing a gun for you of your choice.

Sourcing Firearms

We have many contacts in the firearms industry and if you are looking for something special which does not appear in our 48 hour inventory or we do not have it listed in our featured inventory, no problem. Let us source it for you. Call us at (603) 948-2212 and tell us what you want or send us an email by contacting us. Be sure to have the make, model and/or an item number so we can find it for you quickly.

FFL Transfers

We do transfers and ship firearms. If you purchase a firearm from a dealer out-of-state it must be sent to an FFL in New Hampshire (NH residents). We provide that service for $30.00. How it works is your dealer ships your firearm to me and we do your background check. We also provide shipping services for you. If you want to ship a firearm, we will take possession from you by recording the firearm in our “bound book” and ship it to an FFL of your choice. This service is $30.00 plus shipping cost.  Multiple guns transfer fee is $40.00.

Buy and Sell

Two Rock Guns sells firearms only in accordance with Federal, State, and local firearm laws such as The Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act of 1993, and all local, state and federal firearms laws. The laws pertain to you the purchaser and us the sellers. The process is not difficult as long as we follow the law.

You must be at least 18 to purchase a long gun or at least 21 to purchase a hand gun. Check with your local and state laws for specifics to your state. Here are four simple steps:

  1. Understanding the Brady Act: The act requires a background check for anyone purchasing a firearm from a Federal Licensed Firearms ("FFL") dealer. Background check responsibility rests with state and local government. Some states perform their own (New Hampshire for handguns) and other states rely on the National Instant Criminal Background Check System ("NICS"). New Hampshire relies on the NICS for long gun purchases.
  2. A Federal Firearms Licensed ("FFL") dealer must receive your firearm. You need to select a holder of a Federal Firearms License for us to ship your firearms purchase(s) to. Please make sure the FFL holder agrees to receive your purchase from us. This is your responsibility. At checkout, you select the FFL holder to receive your purchase. Remember, you need to contact the FFL holder you want your firearm(s) shipped to prior to completing checkout to confirm they will accept the shipment. You can find an FFL dealer at The listing is updated monthly by the ATF. also has a listing of FFL holders for your convenience at
  3. Once we receive your order with your chosen FFL dealer indicated, we will verify the FFL holder for you to make sure the licensee is current. If the licensee is current, there is no problem. If not, we will find one close to you and notify you to get your approval of our selection.
  4. Your selected FFL will receive the shipment; notify you that it has arrived; have you fill out an ATF Form 4473 and complete your background check through the NICS and/or your local and state background check system. Once passed, you will be allowed to complete the transfer and take possession of the firearm(s). If you fail the background check, you have the option of either returning the firearm to us, or working with your state law enforcement to correct your records so the transfer can be completed.
  5. Be sure you know the firearms purchasing and ownership laws of your state. We will not ship firearms to an out-of-state FFL where they are prohibited/outlawed or otherwise on a "banned" list. You must check with your FFL first and make sure the firearm you want to bid on is legal and you can own it.

Buying from us directly or at a gun show still requires an ATF Form 4473 be completed. We will conduct the NICS background check immediately. Once the "proceed" authorization has been received, and upon payment in full, you can receive your firearm directly from us.

We Buy Guns

We buy gently used guns, singles or collections. Contact us for details.

Foreign Sales (Outside USA)

We regret we do not ship firearms to locations outside the United States.

Know Your Laws

It is your responsibility to know your state's laws and regulations before bidding or placing an order. If in doubt, call your local gun shop! Do not bid or place an order unless you can own what you are bidding on where you live.

You must be at least 18 to purchase long guns and you must be at least 21 to purchase hand guns. Check your local and state laws.


We are enrolled in the CFLC system and will ship qualifying firearms to any eligible FFL in California.